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How to Assess Your CER for MDR Readiness: State of the Art, Safety and Performance Criteria, Equivalence, and Systematic Literature Review

This white paper is a companion piece to our popular webinar where we present strategies for assessing key components of your clinical evaluation report (CER or CER template) for possible misalignment with significant and applicable MDR requirements. Download part 1 of this series which assesses common gaps and suggestions to bridge those gaps in the state of the art (SOA), Safety and Performance (S&P), Equivalence, and Systematic Literature Review (SLR) sections.

What You'll Learn

Learn the purpose, methodology, and organization of the state of the art, safety and performance criteria, equivalence, and systematic literature review sections. You'll also receive examples of common observations/gaps in each section. Use our task list as part of your CER gap analysis to generate a CER that is MDR-compliant, and answer critical questions prior to submission.

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