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A Practical Guide: Conducting Systematic Literature Reviews in Support of IVDR Readiness

This white paper is a companion piece to our popular webinar where we break down the steps of the systematic literature review (SLR) process and take a wholistic approach to conducting an In Vitro Diagnostic Regulation (IVDR)-compliant SLR.

What is Systematic Literature Review?

An SLR is far more than an internet search. It is a clear and robust plan for the identification, retrieval, selection, appraisal, and weighting of published data. SLR has long been the “gold standard” process for evidence-based research, especially in the academic and professional arenas. In today’s regulatory landscape where rigorous methodological SLR principles are now being mandated, adopting a transparent and reproducible process for literature reviews is essential. Every methodologically-sound SLR has 5 clearly defined steps.

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  • learn how the results of a well-designed and performed SLR can support alignment with the new global IVDR regulations
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  • receive the SLR checklist for IVDR readiness

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