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Systematic Literature Review: How to Empower Data Driven Decisions in Your Organization

Every day, pharma and medical device companies need data from SLRs to inform, direct, and help drive their internal processes and decisions that move their companies forward. Of course, clinical literature is also required for compliance with global regulatory requirements. Download this white paper to discover the steps for conducting a SLR and the ways organizations can inform their decision making using data derived from the SLR process.

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  • the definition of systematic literature review in academic and professional arenas
  • when to conduct a systematic literature review
  • the critical difference between an internet search vs systematic literature review
  • the steps for conducting a systematic literature review

The Criterion Edge Team

There’s no substitute for experience. Not just writing experience, but industry experience – collectively, the CE team represents over 4 decades of direct industry experience. The team is among the best in the business. Top-flight, advanced-degree clinical professionals with years of experience writing an array of regulatory reports for medical device manufacturers and pharmaceutical and biologics companies.

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